F.A.Q. Arrival / Departure


camping site rules

  • You can arrive at any time of day, with no advance reservation.
  • Reservations are not possible/necessary, also not by pre-payment. Particular pitches can be asked for, but not guaranteed. (We reserve the right to change anything at any time and without prior notification.)
  • Arrival can take place between 8am and 10pm, but please take note that you may not drive on site during siesta (1pm – 3pm).
  • Visitors must register and are subject to charges. Entrance without registration is not allowed.
  • There is no minimum stay rule!
  • It is not possible to leave caravans or such unoccupied. No permanent camping possible!
  • We only rent pitches, no motor homes, no caravans or bungalows! For information on the hire of motor homes or caravans, please contact us.