Camping site rules

For happy holidays



Before entering the camping site.


Quiet hours:

Afternoon: 1pm until 3pm

At night: 10pm until 6:30am

During this time, entry and exit is not possible. There are parking possibilities in front of the barrier and in the large car park.

We ask for your support in providing as much peace and quiet as possible. We understand if you come home late provided the other guests are not disturbed. We have to be very strict in keeping nighttime peace.


Dismantling of tents:

Only allowed from 6:30am. We ask for your understanding for this measure.



Only allowed provided your neighbours are not disturbed by it. Use headphones!


Occupation of sites:

The sites are arranged according to their size. Your tent and car have to be on the same site. It is not permitted to park the car on the next site. Electricity users are asked to observe the safety regulations.



Driving in the area of the camping site only at walking pace. Please consider the noise and playing children!



The entire camping site is a large living space where you certainly want to feel good.

To avoid any offensive smell or pestering by vermin, every guest receives a bin bag on arrival. Only put residual waste into the bin bag. Plastic, paper, glass and tins have to be separated. We cannot accept mixed waste as it will be sent back from the landfill.

Please put the bin bag on the trolley at the car wash opposite the reception. We cannot dispose of hazardous waste and bulky rubbish such as old sun loungers, chairs, boats, etc.


Green areas:

Please do not damage green areas as they contribute to your relaxation and pleasure. In the case of damage we have to call the person responsible to account.



Lost property:

Please hand in found items to the reception. We are not liable for lost property. In case you have lost something, please report it to the office immediately.



You can bring your dogs in the off-peak season, however, with the following restrictions: They must not bathe in the lake, run freely or do their business on public areas.



The post is delivered daily (except Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays) at 10am and is sorted into the letter box provided. Telegrams, express letters etc. are announced at the letter box. Please check repeatedly if you are waiting for messages. Post which is not collected is returned to the sender.



In the peak season, the supermarket is open daily from 7:30am until 8pm, the restaurant from 7:30 am until 11pm.


TV room:

There is a colour television with a large-format screen.



Visitors must announce their arrival before entering the camping site area. For the sake of order and safety we ask you to keep strictly the visiting rules. If they are violated we regretfully find ourselves constrained to ask you to break off your stay. We ask you for your understanding that visitors are not permitted during the afternoon quiet hours between 1pm until 3 pm.


Cleaning of cars:

Cars can be cleaned at the car wash with hoses and running water for a fee. The provision of water and sewage disposal for mobile homes is also possible at the car washing area without a fee.


Guests’ boats:

Sailing boats etc. can be left free of charge at the berth on the lakeshore, on the right side in front of the sunbathing area. The boat shelf at the sunbathing area is available for canoes and dinghies. Under no circumstances may boats be parked on the beach, not even for a short time, as the beach is at the exclusive disposal of bathers. The use of the boat bridge, water slide and toys is at your own risk. We do not assume any liability.

The lake administration charges a fee for the use of surfboards and boats. We ask you to pay at the reception.


Play areas:

Football pitch, volleyball court, basketball court as well as a large number of table-tennis tables are at your free disposal opposite the camping site.

For children, there is a large adventure playground with a huge slide and a climbing garden.

The water slide is operated daily from 11am until 6pm.




The camping site fees are to be paid on the day of departure. The site has to be cleared by 12 noon at the latest.

From June 1st until September 1st, the following non-binding agreement between our guests and the camping site administration applies:

Departure has to be announced in the office by 8pm on the day prior to departure. It is agreed that in case a site is only announced to be free on the day of departure, the following night has to be paid for as well. As this measure is taken in the interest of the arriving guests we ask you for your understanding and observance of this rule.